Insurance In Thailand

Finding cheap and quality insurance in Thailand can be a tricky process. If you need a good and reliable insurance company in Thailand, then you need not look further. We provide all types of insurance for Thailand, from motorbike rental to family medical insurance packages. Try our Thai insurance quotes and see, if you aren’t happy with the quote, you can always keep shopping.


Motorcycle Insurance Thailand

Motorcycle insurance in Thailand

Thailand Motorcycle Insurance – With the number of accidents, this is important to consider. Basic insurance doesn’t cover the bike, or anyone you hit. This could prove very expensive! We can provide motorcycle rental insurance for Thailand, and can even insure everything from a scooter to a big 1000cc sports bike. So, whether you need big bike insurance in Thailand, or Thai motorcycle rental insurance, we have you covered.


Car Insurance in Thailand

Car Insurance Thailand

Cars in Thailand are expensive. If you have anything more that an old banger of a car, you should insure it. Cars hold their value in Thailand, and so having good car insurance in Thailand is a good idea. However, it isn’t just your car that you need to consider. If you were to crash into a Mercedes, could you afford to replace it? How about the injuries or lives of those involved in an accident, could you afford their medical bills and replace their salaries? Basic insurance doesn’t cover these things. Good insurance means that you don’t need to worry about such issues, and should you have an accident, they will even send an agent to the scene to deal with police, upset family etc. This is more than worth the small fee that is charged for good Thai car insurance.

Car insurance in Thailand



Thai Life Insurance

Life insurance Thailand

Although we all hope for the best, it is still wise to plan for the worst. An old saying, but couldn’t be more true if you are considering life insurance in Thailand, as you are obviously living in Thailand and have commitments that need to be met, should the worst happen. If you pass, is your family secure? Will your mortgage payments be met? Can your family survive? These all need to be considered. Check our quotes to find out how affordable Thai life insurance can actually be. A small fee can mean that you have the knowledge that should something happen to you, your loved ones will have the money they need to get back on their feet.


Health Insurance Thailand

Health Insurance in Thailand


Although Thailand has quite affordable medical services, it is wise to make sure that you have an adequate amount of cover. Medical insurance in Thailand doesn’t need to be expensive, but can save the day should something happen. If you are an expat in Thailand, you may be surprised to learn that your ‘medical insurance’ is just a subsidized medical treatment system at government hospitals. Depending on your area, this could mean a long wait or even low standards of care (hospitals in any country vary in standards). However, with quality Thai health insurance, you can normally visit the government hospital you need if you want, or choose from a large list of highly rated private hospitals to get fast and high-standard care as fast as possible. Things happen, make sure you have the medical insurance in Thailand that you need.



Travel Insurance Thailand

Whether you are traveling to Thailand, or heading out from Thailand to see other destinations, you need to have good travel insurance. We can provide travel insurance for Thailand, covering all the major needs of most holiday makers and allowing your to enjoy your adventure.Check out our quote for cheap travel insurance to Thailand.


However, once in Thailand, it can sometimes be tricky to find insurance to travel to other countries. For expats in Thailand, finding travel insurance to go to other countries can be a headache. If you need travel insurance to cover a holiday to another country, we can help with that too. There is no need to gamble and travel uninsured anymore, just get a quote and we’re sure you’ll be pleased that you did … especially if the unexpected should happen later.